Monday, 5 December 2016

Looking For Information About Davenport Laroche

I am looking for investing information about Davenport Laroche; a shipping container investment company from Hong Kong.

A friend of mine suggested that I begin a “blog” to connect with other investors who are already investing with Davenport Laroche. So, I will begin “blogging” by sharing what I know, in hopes that you will share what you know.

I know that ...

The company offers investors an opportunity to invest in shipping containers. The containers that are purchased by investors (through their investment) are leased to shipping lines, manufacturers and logistics companies via Davenport Laroche. The container owners earn a monthly income from the leasing of the shipping containers.

With the company being located in Hong Kong, it seems like an ideal location for Davenport Laroche to manage a fleet of shipping containers from. The region is bustling with shipping activity. One example of this is the Port of Hong Kong, which moved 20.1 million TEU in 2015!

port of hong kong

According to the company representative I spoke to, Davenport Laroche manages a fleet of nine million cargo containers. These containers are employed at many of the world's busiest shipping ports; especially those along the Chinese “One Belt, One Road”. If I were to invest with Davenport Laroche, my containers would be added to their fleet and employed in the same regions.

From what I have heard from the company and read in the reviews of Davenport Laroche, I would characterize this as a low-risk investment. The shipping containers have an identification number for tracking and unless they fall of the ship I shouldn't loose them!

I would really appreciate hearing from other people who are investing in containers with Davenport Laroche. Also, I would like to hear from investors who have invested in other investments that carry little or no risk.

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  1. I am also looking into this, but haven't found any genuine info yet. Did you then try the investment?