Monday, 27 March 2017

An Income-Producing Investment to Supplement Retirement

Choosing the right income-producing investments can help retirees generate money to pay bills, and continue living the life they've grown accustomed to.

Supporting your lifestyle during retirement may be more of a financial challenge than you realize. The cost of things like rent, taxes, utilities, and groceries can quickly eat through a pension check. Retired people need more money to match inflation and the rising costs of daily living.

Choosing the right income-generating investments can help retirees generate more money to pay their monthly expenses, and continue living the life they have grown accustomed to. Ideally the choice of income-producing investment will pay retirees regularly, be a hard, tangible asset, and carry very little risk. I discovered that an investment in shipping containers closely matches this criteria.

Shipping containers are the large, steel cargo boxes you see on ships, trains, and trucks. For more than 50 years they have made shipping more efficient and affordable, and made enormous contributions to globalization. Currently, 90+ percent of world trade is shipped in containers. For manufacturers and retailers, they are an intricate part of the global supply chain.

With the help of a container leasing company like Davenport Laroche, investors can purchase their own fleet of shipping containers and begin earning an income to supplement their retirement. Similar to owning an income-producing property, shipping container investors - like landlords - earn rent money each month. Unlike rental properties though, shipping containers need very little upkeep and maintenance.

The containers invested in are leased to logistics and shipping companies, and generate a monthly income for transporting cargo. The revenues from the lease of the containers are shared with the investor as a return on investment. Over the lifetime of a container, which is a decade or more, this can add up to a significant amount of income.

As the world economy continues to grow, the demand for shipping containers will increase as well. With each country in the world working toward increasing their GDP, more and more containers are needed to support imports and exports. From highways to railways and seaways, these income-producing assets are generating wealth for countries and investors alike.

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